is a recognized global provider of innovative, integrated environmental monitoring systems and consulting solutions. Greenspan is able to provide standard or customized solutions to meet environmental monitoring needs and offer site investigate, system design services through to installation, test, commissioning and operation and maintenance.

Greenspan provides innovative integrated environmental monitoring solutions. Our specialist categories include :

• Flood Solutions
• Irrigation Solutions
• Hydrographic & Water Quality Monitoring
• Micro Control Engineering
• Water Infrastructure Management
• Oceanographic Monitoring
• Environmental Software Solutions
• Online Data Access (ENVAULT)
• Remote Data Access (ENVOY)



• Ecosystem Pollutant monitoring and alarming
• Port Monitoring Systems
• Sediment transport and impact studies
• Asset Tracking & Ship based monitoring
• Data collection and presentation service for users not wanting the issues associated with a traditional collection system
• Secure web access portal for large monitoring and control networks
• Consolidated monitoring of geographically distributed sites
• Off site data storage for disaster recovery
• Suitable for use with any hydrographic, meteorological, geophysical or other similar environmental monitoring application

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