specializes in Maritime Domain Awareness with innovative, unique, and flexible solutions for the maritime industry including tracking, monitoring, surveillance and associated issues with industry leading Sensor Data Fusion technologies.

Xanatos is pleased to have the following technological firsts:

• The first AIS based VTS
•The first AIS based ECS
•The first Remote AIS Base Station
•The first to transmit environmental data through AIS

The  proprietary  system  is  currently  utilized  worldwide  by  various  Governments, Authorities,  Navies,  Coast  Guards,  Marine  Sanctuaries  and  Marine  Police.  Xanatos’  operational team is currently in Batam, Indonesia implementing the IMO / World Bank/ Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia project called the Marine Electronic Highway. This pilot project is one of the most significant implementations of AIS in the world as it takes not only ship data, but data from Met Buoys and other sensors and brings it to Batam where it is parsed and distributed to numerous locations globally all without any interaction other than Xanatos’s technologies.